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WordPress is a content management system that allows for fully custom website design and development and a very popular blogging platform. WordPress helps you to add, update, or delete your website content very easily or without any technical knowledge!

Young Petals is the best WordPress design and development company in Delhi, India. Our development team follows a straight forward technology to deliver the best message to our customers. Understanding the idea behind your site and its inspiration, we begin by examining your destinations. At that point, our development team begins with coding and testing to assemble a notable site.

Theme of any website is the representation of the website itself. It is the abstraction of a website, the user doesn’t know the backend functions performed behind the stage.

WordPress themes are the most popular themes which are available on the WordPress website. WordPress provides both free and paid templates and themes which can be customized as per user requirement.

WordPress Design and Development

WordPress themes are used for styling the front end of a WordPress website with color, widgets, font styling, page layout and much more.

Our company has worked to the depths on creating very attractive customized templates. We provide facility of customized WordPress themes and templates that make a website look attractive.

It is the user who decides what he/she needs to make a quick and reliable website through WordPress. User gets the benefit to modify the website appearance.

If a user wants to create his/her website in the most stylish and optimized manner then WordPress themes are the right things to opt. We are there to help them create such themes.

Our aim is to provide a unique unbeatable look to your website by developing matchless themes and templates.

The WordPress themes we create are:

  • Search Engine Friendly (SEO)
  • Responsive designs
  • Error free coding
  • Standard coding by using PHP and HTML

Why we use WordPress

  • Design Flexibility

    WordPress Themes Development features include custom website design, user-friendly navigation, responsive design. You can add or update features from Custom WordPress Theme Development as per your requirement. This is different from pre-define themes available for worldwide users.

  • Powerful plugins

    WordPress plugins have major role in WordPress. It extends the features of your website and increases its strength. With plugins, you can add custom forms, page builders, sliders, and other eye-catching elements to your website. There are powerful plugins for analytics and search engine optimization which helps to increase your google search rankings.

  • Great for search engine optimization

    WordPress is an inbuilt SEO compatible theme. There are also some powerful plugins like Google Sitekit for analytics and Yoast for search engine optimization (SEO) which helps to increase your google search rankings. Our SEO specialist will use these tools properly to increase your sales and leads.

  • Clients love it

    The reason why clients like it so much is because it is user-friendly. Anyone can use it easily. Even those who do not have experience of programming language.

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