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Young Petals knows how important your website is, for your online business. We create and customize the web application as per the business goals requirement.

Improve your web application to meet your business goals by making it secure, flexible and scalable.

Young Petals is armed with the latest technology to create uniqueness in your website. The old culture of using inbuilt templates and themes for making a website is no more in existence. Every online business owner wants their website with some unmatchable features. This could become possible by using customization.

Custom web application development involves using various open source technologies, creating themes and plug-ins of our own to provide freshness to a website. It primarily deals with the non-design aspect of building websites. This includes coding and writing markup which helps in website functionality.

Our company maintains both clients and developers to get more independence to resize their view and are able to mold their website design as per client’s business targets.

Customized websites provide more security as it doesn’t follow the specific package to create a typical website. Our web development team loves to be challenged and provide the best solution ever at affordable price.

Our web development team manages to deliver sophisticated features and functionality to the web service. This process adds full security, robustness and scalability to make a high-performance website.

Better features and functionality makes your website earn more compliments and rank better in search engine optimization. We make a cutting edge web development that makes its place in list of traffic gathered website.

We seek what is uncommon and extract it out of a website that looks common.


Provide uniqueness to your website. If you want that your website should not have any resemblance to other normal website then customize web solutions is the best option.

  • SEO success is another benefit as Google navigates the most effective and quickly loading websites. This factor plays a vital role in gathering web traffic for an online business.
  • Customization provides high performance and usability according to the size of the business.
  • Most important reason to use customize web solutions is that it boosts the websites as per clients business requirement at an affordable price.
  • It is safer than normal web solutions as it has much less threat to get hacked.
  • Customize website is more scalable as it is not served like package. It can be maintained as clients business grows.

really a pleasure working with youngpetals, they were very accomodating of my changes in requirements and did an excellent job coding my project.. also went above and beyond with the design

Robert Blaise


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