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Open Source Services for Website Development

Young Petals provide flexibility of open source website development as per market needs. Open source provides customer to choose the free web applications with great user interface and advanced features.

Our products are fully integrated with new technologies to meet the customer requirement

Young Petals is a leading Open Source Website Development Company based in Delhi, India. We are capable of delivering solutions that range from simple CMS websites to complex web applications.

Open source has generated a considerable amount of interest over the past years. The concept itself is based on the philosophy of free software, which advocates freely available source code as a fundamental right. Open source created a revolutionary change in the IT industry. It facilitates the clients with highly scalable functionality and manages multiple web pages with ease.

In the web business environment, open source development is much preferable as it fulfills the client’s requirement at affordable rates, unique features, better perform and effective results.

Young Petals provides open source functionality at very affordable cost. We develop open source solutions using various updated platforms such as WordPress, Laravel, Codeigniter, PHP and many more as per clients requirement.

Open source development is described as a rapid evolutionary process, which leverages large-scale peer review. The basic premise is to allow source code to be freely modified and redistributed, which encourages collaborative development. The software can be incrementally improved and more easily tested, resulting in a highly reliable product.

Why we use Open Source

  • Cost

    The majority of Open Source is distributed freely, making it very cost-effective. Open Source Software can be altered and extended by any developer familiar with the source code.


    Proprietary software often requires users to accept the terms and conditions of use, which restrict the ways in which developers and programmers can utilize a given product. However, with Open Source Software, Freedom with the source code allows developers to create unique solutions, which can then be built upon by other members of the community.


    Developers in the open-source community are constantly reviewing code, building improvements, and closing gaps in security. This process also holds community members accountable for their contributions, and cuts down on the time it takes to push out an update. The open-source community is committed to updating and enhancing Open Source Software so that it empowers developers with the flexibility and freedom to create more valuable projects.

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