Plug-ins are small pieces of software that are used to upgrade the functionality of the WordPress website. These plug-ins help users to add more features to their website according to the requirement.

Our team develops such WordPress plug-ins which are popular and makes your work easy. WordPress provides millions of plug-ins to make websites loaded with the most efficient features.

We develop plug-ins that are different from the in-built ones. Our team has built a number of customized plug-ins which adds special functionality to your website according to the need.

Plug-ins are both free and paid on WordPress. User can also create their plug-ins themselves by writing small pieces of code and adding it to the WordPress plugs-ins section.

We help you to develop a new one and upgrade which you already have and customize the way you need. Maintenance and upgrades are included in our services.

Our services are categorized into following parts:

  1. Plug-in-development
  2. Plug-in installation
  3. Plug-in customization
  4. Plug-in upgrades


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